In 15.7 we there are three diiferent optimization goals(allrows_oltp,allrows_mix,allrows_dss) whereas there was no concept for optimization goals in Sybase 12.5.

These optimization goals of Sybase 15.7 are on/off settings of different set of optimization criterias.

Users can also define their own optimization goals by grouping the optimization criterias and setting them on/off.

What is the set of optimization criteria that need to turn on/off to get the optimizer behaviour of 15.7 similar to Sybase 12.5.

I have some set of queries which are performing verybad in ASE 15.7 as compared to 12.5, so what I am planning is to set the optimization criteria onsession level in a manner, which forced the optimizer to behave like 12.5 and pick up the plan similar to 12.5, so that I will atleast get the performance equavalent to 12.5