How can you export all stored procs regardless of who the definer is.

I find this extremely annoying that if the definer of the the stored proc is different than the logged in user then you are unable to either view the proc definition nor are you able to export it.

I have an issue where I created some stored procs on a database on a webhost connecting via heidisql.

Unfortunately creating the stored procs whilst connecting via heidisql the definer for all stored procs ended up as 'someuser@someipaddress'

A definer in MySQL is a user who creates MySQL procedure. As user is always created by using IP/IP Range so in case any change in network ip, the routines becomes unusable.

I could update the definer as follows but i dont have permissions on my webhost.
Update mysql.proc  set definer=   ‘user@localhost’ where definer= ‘user@’.
As the person who created the database and already has drop procedure privelage, why dont I have the alter procedure privelage? Why would the webhost not give me this privelage yet give me drop privelage? Seems really daft.