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    Unanswered: Enterprise Replication

    I am planning to implement enterprise replication between 2 geographical located servers. I just have a quick question how do I prevent insert from over lapping if in case the network between the two servers go down. For example 2 users 1 user on site a is updating the sales order table and and the other user in site2 is updating the same table. In an event where the network goes down. There will be chances that both users will get the same row_id(it is my primary key). The replication won't be able to check if the row_id has been assigned on site1 table since network is down. If the network goes back what will happen to those data inserted in the sales order table with the same row_id? How do I solve this issue?

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    you case is one of the ER cases that need to be cautiously evaluated.

    Have you read Chuck Ballard & colleagues' Red Book called "Informix Dynamic Server 11:
    Extending Availability and Replication".

    All Informix replication is very well described and I think this is a very good base to start with, because you will globally understand all the faces of Informix replication. Although this is not Informix 12.10 ( which includes some more functionality such as grid or sharded queries), all the fundations of the IFMX replication technology are explained there.

    you can get this redbook for free at this place

    Check chapter 9 in priority, but I would read it all first.


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