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    Question Unanswered: Normalization

    Im new in DB design and I need to make an inventory DB. My current and only table is:
    "TableName: Parts", Filds:"Id_Part", "No_Part", "No_Mold", "No_Lot", "Rev", "Description", "Area", "No_Job", No_Batch,"OrderDate","RecivedDate"
    Ive read that this in the long run will crash the DB is this true if so, how can I normalize it to prevent this...

    Any help is usefull

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    There's no way for anyone to give you advice on normalizing your database, based on a handful of cryptic field names! You need to give us a plain language explanation of what, exactly, you're trying to accomplish, and what the fields actually represent.

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    Silly me, ok the idea is to create a DB that stores all the part numbers the "x" company has, these part numbers have the corresponding field:

    1.- Id_Part : is the unique number for each part.
    2.- No_Part: Number part of each part that the company uses for there products
    3.- No_Mold: Each Part Number uses a Molding Item, some part numbers use the same Molding Item.
    4.- No_Lot: The Lot Number is to keep track of the part numbers in case the client has some issues with the final product. (Its like a tracking number).
    5.- Rev: is for Revision control example: A, B or C
    6.- Description: Describes the part number.
    7.- Area: name of the department in with the part number is used ( like a type of Part Number)
    8.-No_Batch: Its similar to the Lot number, but its an internal number for the company.
    9.- Order Date: Date in witch we ordered a part number form a provider.
    10.- Received Date: Date when we get that part number from the provider.

    This is how I tried to Normalize it
    Table1 Name: Parts
    Fields: Id_Part, No_Part, Id_Mold, Id_Lot, Id_Rev, Id_Description, Id_Area, Id_job, Id_Batch, Date_Order, Date_Recived.
    Table2 Name: Areas
    Fields: Id_Area, Name
    Table3: Molds
    Fields: Id_Mold, No_Mold, Id_Part
    Fields: Id_Job, No_Job
    Fields: Id_Batch, No_Batch
    Table6 Name: descriptions
    Table7 Name:Rev
    Fields: Id_Rev,Rev,Id_Part

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    Thx for the greetings

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