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    This might be so far below every professional here but i'm taking an accelerated database management course and could really use help on the final project.

    Again super simple stuff but would be really awesome if i could pick someone's brain.

    I'm working on my database and finding that bad decisions i've made along the way have compounded and made queries and forms hard to produce. I currently have:

    Player (*PlayerName, DateOfBirth, AllStarAppearances, PreviousYearsSalary, ExpectedSalary)
    Team (*TeamName, Payroll, PreviousYearWinPct, Championships, FranchiseOrigin, StadiumName)
    Stadium (*StadiumName, Location, DateFounded, TotalRevenue, TeamName)

    My idea is that players who are currently seeking a new team factor in a lot of things in making their choice. So a free agent player may choose a team based on its location and history or choose a team based on winning pct or payroll.

    In working with the relationships I had a 1:M relationship between Player to Team and 1:1 Team to Stadium. Because a player can choose a number of teams, but the teams are tied to their stadiums and vice versa.

    I imagined the kind of queries i could make are average age of teams that pick based on winpct or allstar apps related to championships.

    Is there a better way to set all this up?

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    You need changes...TeamHist

    Team (*TeamName, Payroll, FranchiseOrigin, StadiumName)
    TeamHist (*TeamHistID, TeamName, Year, WinPct,ChampionShip)
    TeamEvent(TeamEventID,TeamName, GameDate, TeamScore, OppScore, WinLost)

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