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    Unanswered: Frond-end <> Back-end lost records.

    Hi i have a back-ended MS Access database.
    The Back-end resides on a shared folder on a file server.
    The Frond-end resides on the location "C:\Program files\DatabaseApp".

    Now the problem is when i insert a record in the database tru the local app then the record is added to the database but is not displayed in de linked table in the frond app.

    This happands only with certain records that i inserded on the begin of the day #01:00:00# - #02:00:00# and on the end of the day #23:30:00# - #00:59:59#
    This is a guideline and may not be exact.

    Hope someone can tell me why this is happening and how to resolve it.

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    if you are using a back end to store the date, then its perfectly reasonable to expect those records NOT to appear in a delinked table in the front end app UNLESS you have written some code to transfer rows from the back end to the front end. the only reason I cna see why you might what to copy rows from the back end to the front end is if you had soem massive data analysis task.

    what is your current process
    how do rows 'magically' appear in the de linked table... its not happening on its own, there must be a process somewhere inserting rows into the back AND front end

    check what is actually happening
    check what tables are being referenced in the front end
    make certain there are no overlaps (ie a table with the same name in both the front and back end)
    make certain the link is to the correct back end. if you have a development db and a live db is it possible you are writign rows to another db

    because this is an intermittant issue Id suspect its your code as opposed to some glitch in Access
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