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    Unanswered: PrimaryKey TEXT Type

    Is it possible, and/or prudent, to have a PrimaryKey of numbers to be a text data type?

    I suppose the only problem is that a duplicate primary key number may be allowed, or will it still be flagged by Access and a duplicate PrimaryKey?

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    By definition, a primary key does not allow duplicate data, not does it allow Null values. See: Unique key - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    A primary key can be of any data type, it can also be comprised of more than one column. The only restriction is that a primary key cannot contain NULL values. By definition a primary key is unique, there can only ever be one row with the same values in the column(s) defined as a primary key. Most db implementations restrict string/text columns in a primary key to be fixed width as opposed to varchar

    you could define a boolean (yes/no) column ad a prinary jey but that would only allow two rows.
    yoy can use dates
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