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    Hi - Our application loads DB2 data on a daily basis every night. It create multiple load files to be loaded for multiple tables. Load files are created on one mainframe box are transmitted to another mainframe box where the table are residing. Load jobs are configured to load these files across multiple tables. Before the load, there is a job that switches the view from the main table to a shadow table and after the load is complete the view is again switched back to the main table. I was looking for any suggestion that can make this process better or replace it with some different solution for ex. Que replication. Any other suggesstions would be helpful.

    Average time it takes for the entire process to complete is 3-4 hours. In the meantime, the tables are unavailable and you need to query shadow table to fetch details.

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    I think we need a lot more info, you just say you are getting files from one system and moving them to your system, then you ask about Q-Rep.

    Do we take this as you are getting data from one db2 system and putting into another on a daily basis?

    Why do you need shadow copies of your tables and running off of them? are you doing a LOAD/REPLACE on these tables every day, instead of just loading the deltas?

    Can't really tell you which way to go, but at a guess, I would say Q-Rep or similar product. OR you just UNLOAD and then LOAD/resume/shrlevel chg the DELTAs(what is new since last time you ran).

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