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    I have a form which has 3 combo box drop downs on one half of the form and it populates the information on the other half of the form based on the selections made in those drop downs. For most users, the bottom half populates as the selections are made from the drop downs. However, one user indicates that once he makes an initial selection, it doesn't change the values in the bottom half as the top half drop downs are changed. He asked me to add a Submit button to fix this issue. I've done a bunch of google research but am coming up empty. Is there an easy way to do this?

    Thanks in advance
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    I would suspect that the user reporting the problem has probably not got the db in the 'trusted' area so macros and code are not enabled
    the solution is to do that and or get a digital signature for the Access db
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    Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, the user assures me macros are enabled. I believe it is a local machine issue, but unfortunately the user is quite a distance away so I was trying to develop the submit button as a workaround.

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