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    Unanswered: Show records depending on checkbox in a continuous form

    Hi all,

    I'm struggling with the following for quite some time, maybe I can find the answer here.

    I have a continuous form based upon a query that shows FirstName, LastName and 4 checkboxes, one for each quarter of the year from the table tblMember.
    When a member has paid the membership for the first quarter, the checkbox is checked. Nothing needs to happen right now, but when I open the form the next time and the quarter is the first, I would like that specific record not to show.

    Sorry for my poor English, I hope I've made myself clear and someone has a bright idea.


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    what I'd suggest you do is allow a user to select if they want all records or a subset of rows to be displayed

    do this through a filter
    add an unbound command button to the form header or footer. Calling it, say cmdFilter
    set its caption to 'Show Unpaid'

    in the controls on click event

    if cmdFilter.caption = "Show All" then
      cmdFilter.caption = "show unpaid"
      me.requery 'could be me.requery
      me.filter = "acolumn = " & vbtrue
      me.filteron = true
      cmdFilter.caption = "Show All"
      me.requery 'could be me.requery
    acolumn is the name of the column in your recordset that you want to work with

    you can expand the idea to say having 4 check boxes, one for each quarter and say show all members who haven't paid a specific quarter
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