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    Lightbulb Unanswered: File location based on a form field

    Hello there

    I'm working on adding some additions to a simple purchasing database we use at the company I work for.

    You can currently use lists to view every supplier we work with, their contacts and any purchases we have made with them. Each purchase normally has an invoice that goes with it. I'd like to be able to double click on the purchase in question (which appears in a list) and open that invoice.

    The way I'm thinking this would work would be for the file source to be based on a field in the form that contains the list.

    Currently every invoice has a consistent file name. It shows up as invoice-[po number].pdf. This PO number is stored in the purchasing system so can be referenced.

    Trouble is I have no idea how this would be done, I'm guessing it's actually some really simple VBA code. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Are you talking about importing a PDF file from a perm. file location?

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    Use the ShellExecute API function (see: How To Use ShellExecute to Launch Associated File (32-bit))
    Have a nice day!

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