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    Unanswered: Access form command button Help please.

    I am new to Access and I have been ask to start turning a companies Excel workbooks for projects into a database.

    My problem is after I have created a form design for a user to input required information about a project (Pro No., Status, Client etc.) and it works fine. However, when I used button control with wizard to create a button to create a new record, it does not run at all.

    Only once (and i cant remember how I did this) I managed to get it to create a new record but it create 99 exact copies of the first test filled record.

    Help would be greatly appreciated, as I'm hoping to turn my placement into a full time posistion.

    Thanks intern91

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    Turn the wizard on , (magic wand) put a button on the form
    the wizard will ask you what to do..
    select records
    add new record.
    It will build the code.

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    Thank you for your response. I have manage to fix my problem. I started from scratch, instead of using form design I used a Blank form and accessed my tables from the existing fields.

    However I now have a prompt whenever I open the form for one of my Inputs. Instead of letting ' Anticipated completion date' remain blank, it asks me to 'Enter Parameter Value' before opening the form and wont allow me to ignore it.

    Is there something that you know of that could be causing this to happen?

    Thank you intern91

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    Enter parameter value suggests the runtime cannot resolve a column name. Usually this means you have changed a column name in the table or if you created the query manually you have exoressly defined it as a parameter.

    I uope when naming tables and columns you have followed the 'standards'. Ie no spaces, no reserved words. Use either captalisation or all lower case with underscores.
    if you wanr a human friendly caption set the caotion property in the column
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    I tried but couldn't find the error it is looking. Thankfully my supervisor is ok with it being there for now because the work I am doing is just to see how a database would work compared to their ordinary Excel system of record holding for projects.

    Thank you for your help and advice.


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