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    Unanswered: Update Form field based on query result

    I have a database that will be tracking customer complaints.

    I want the user to enter the customer order number on the complaint data entry form and have the Customers ship_to_ name (stored in another table) pulled back into another field on my form (Customer Name).

    I have a query to run and get the proper data quickly but I cant get it to populate the Customer Name field on my form.

    I tried a Dlookup and it just takes too long and craps out due to the table storing the order information having over 60,000 records.

    Does anyone have a better way to look up the customers ship to name in another table based on on the order number entered on the data entry form AND return it back to the Customer Name field in the form?

    And help would be appreciated.


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    Use a query associating both tables
    Have a nice day!

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    Use a subform for Client based on a query. That query is based on what the user picks in the combo box. When the user updates the combo pick, refresh the sub-form.
    All the data will fill in.

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