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    Help With Designing a New Database

    Hi Everyone!

    First time poster here. Just for a bit of background: I am a computer science student. I have experience with SQL and I am familiar with relational database concepts.

    I have a friend who owns a small business and wants to contract me to make a simple database.

    I am trying to figure out the best way to approach this. I am hoping someone can suggest what they think the best program/language would be for making the database? Any other input/suggestions would also be greatly appreciated!

    My friend who owns a computer sales/repair company that offers "Support Contracts" to customers. This entails them buying a chunk of time in advance, and then using up that time minute by minute whenever they contact us and need help with something.

    The requirements are basically as follows:

    A simple database program that they can use to keep track of the amount of time a customer has left in their "Support Contract".

    They basically need a database front end that can do the following:

    1.) The ability to add a new customer + add the amount of minutes they purchased when they buy a new support contract. (NEEDS THE DATE/TIME!)

    2.) The ability to easily search/lookup a customer name to see if they have an existing support contract and if so how many minutes they have left.

    3.) The ability to remove or "minus" chunks of time (minutes) from a customer's account when they help them, with the ability to enter a brief description of what they did for them (NEEDS THE DATE/TIME!)

    4.) The ability to export or print a customer's "history" so that they can show them all of the dates/times they used up minutes on their account coupled with the brief descriptions they entered. They basically need to be able to give them a report of how their time was used up. (if printing support is difficult, the ability to export it into Microsoft Excel or something else that can be printed from is fine too).

    Thank you in Advance!


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    What software is your friend using to run their shop? That needs to be your first concern to reduce the amount of labor that they need to spend keeping the two systems synchronized. Odds are very good that the system they are using will support some kind of extensions that will allow easy integration with whatever you need to add for them.

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    Thanks for the reply. Definitely a good idea. I know they're currently using some kind of accounting software. But I don't know which kind. I just emailed him for the name of it.



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