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    Unanswered: Error uploading csv to API database

    Hi There,

    We are currently doing testing on our new API staging database which has an upload function for a templated csv datafiles downloaded directly from financial providers websites. The csv shows information about superannuation funds and the legislated format is a basic csv that should be standard across the industry.

    Of the ~200 funds we have two issues with ~25 of them.

    1) The datafile from the financial providers website is in xls format. I have converted the files through excel as well as free online file converters but our database still does not recognise the converted files.

    2) The datafile downloaded from the website is already in csv format but will not upload as it fails to recognise the file. The following error message occurs.

    "The parser failed to recognise the disclosure file. This probably means that the file is malformed - possibly with incorrect line endings or field delimiters."

    Does anyone have an idea of the cause of these issues or an easy fix to our problem?

    Thank you for your help in advance!

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    The odds are good that one or more fields in the CITY files have commas inside the field. Most CSV imports fail in that case.

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