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    Unanswered: Import Forms

    Please tell me if there is another way or what I did wrong.

    I have a DB which are shared and cannot make changes to it while the users are connected. So what I do is to make a copy of the database and then create reports etc. The problem is when I add a field to the form and want to import it to the database It won't work. Sometime it creates the form with the same name but I cannot add the form to the folder.

    I use
    ..Syncronice with another DB
    ..Select DB
    ..Import File

    Is there another way to make changes to a form and to easily update it to the DB?


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    first you have to have the two folders in the two databases, if not, your first step would be to import the new folder, and then import the form, try this way.


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    Thank You, will try it today.

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