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    Unanswered: Database link access issue in plsql block


    I have created a database link as follows
    create public database link HWPROD
    connect to HW_REVIEWDB
    identified by "xxxxxxx"

    Database link is created successfully. When issues a sql statement like
    select * from dual@HWPROD is works fine.
    But when the same is used in PLSQL block it throws error "illegal database charater '-'". This is due to

    It is not possible to change the host name or update the global name of the database as described in this link (Many instances are present on the server)

    Could you let me know if there is another work around for this issue?

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    >Could you let me know if there is another work around for this issue?

    a) use double quote marks, CHR(34); as follows (HOST=""), which may introduce CaSe Problem.
    b) create new DNS entry which would essentially be an alias name to resolve to same IP#
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