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    Unanswered: Creating a schema for spreadsheet import

    Hey ,

    I have a MS spreadsheet with rows and columns. Let just say it looks like . . .

    Name Age location
    paul 30 EU
    John 45 Aisa
    Jack 55 AUZ

    Now I would like to import this spreadsheet into a DB2 so I can run querys on it. Do i need to create a new schema to build a table that will hold my data? Is that a manual process or can DB2 look at the file and break down all the rows/colums names and build it itself.

    Sorry if this is a noob question. Someone asked me to do it this way and I had never done it like that before.


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    db2 will not "look at the file" to build the schema for you (if your data is in text files with/without delimiters between columns).
    Instead you must yourself (or your DBA, or developer) specify and run the "CREATE TABLE" statement to match the CSV file.
    However, if the original data source lets you export the data into a different format (for example IXF or xml docs etc) then other options exist.

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    Thanks, thats how i thought it worked. Someone else had told me diffrent and wanted to check.

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