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Thread: Hoping for help

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    Hoping for help

    Hi everyone. I'm a long-retired research biologist, with a lifetime interest in museums. After retirement I started running a website listing the maritime and naval museums in the British Isles, and built up a database of about 300 of them, with details about each one.

    That began over 20 years ago, and the old MS-DOS database is now inaccessible since I upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 (64-bit). I shall try to post a sensible query to see if anyone can keep my museums list running.


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    I wouldn't expect this to be a major problem, and it might be trivial once we understand the details of your problem.

    As a side note, if your Windows 7 machine is powerful enough you could actually run your XP machine using a tool such as Virtual Box as a program running on your Windows 7 machine! This is probably a "last ditch effort" tool and not recommended for production use, but it might be a usable crutch until you can convert the data.

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    Thanks, Pat, for your comment. The forum has not told me about any 64-bit compatible DBMS that would substitute for PCFile, and a week of hunting and trying out small "flat file" systems has failed to convince me that anything as versatile as that old DOS-based system now exists.

    Thanks for your suggestion of "Virtual Box". After finding the pages about vDosWP and WP-64 systems, I discovered vDos from sourceforge. It installs without problems on Windows 7-64, has an excellent 'help' forum, and PCFile seems to run quite well in it. I still have a bit of work to do in integrating the report output with a home-compiled clean-up editor, but things look much more hopeful than a week ago.

    It will be easier from my personal point of view to stick with PCFile running in a virtual DOS window than to try to migrate thousands of lines of database fields to a totally new system.

    Thanks to all on this friendly forum.


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