I have been using the old "Buttonware" PCFile (v.7) for about 20 years to maintain a list of specialist museums. Designed to run in MS-DOS, it was just about useable in Windows XP but is rejected in Windows 7 (unless one applies tricks, as suggested by PatP).

I must upgrade to some simple, non-relational, database system that offers the degree of easy flexibility and adaptability of output that PCFile has. I have tried Access, Open Office and even Works database. The latter is simple enough to use and adequate for my needs (about 300 records, each with about 12 fields) but it is too difficult for me to tailor the report outputs to my needs (ie: I have failed to figure out a way of doing it!)

PCFile is infinitely adaptable, especially in the way the report output can be edited. By editing the simple text template (in Notepad++ or similar text editor) one can embed all the xhtml tags needed to turn the output into something that can be pasted directly into a web-page. For instance, a field such as a museum's name can be duplicated and surrounded by tags like this:

<p id="Aberdeen Maritime Museum"></p><p>&nbsp;</p>
Aberdeen Maritime Museum
</strong><br />
... etc etc ...

This is the only practicable way that I have yet found to maintain my list of museums, with frequent updates, and the minimum of manual editing of the report output.

I am an amateur at computer use, so perhaps I have not found out how to tailor the output of, eg: Works database. Can anyone suggest a freeware or inexpensive simple "flat" database system that allows the report template to be set up in this way?

Many thanks,