Hi there,
I'm developing a project plan for a client and need to make a choice around what database we use to house the data. Please help!

Here's the details:

  • The site is a holiday destination site.
  • Users will be able to search via an extensive list of hotel features, plus average rainfall on any particular day.
  • A list of resorts will be returned.
  • The list will be returned based on a weighting/ranking depending on what the user determines is important to them.
  • Ideally the list of resorts will also be mapped via hotspots on a google map with the ability to drill down into each resort to find out more details.
  • There will also be a dbase of expert user reviews that will be returned and add weighting to the particular resorts.

There aren't thousands of resort records, so the dbase won't be particularly heavy. There will be a rubric to determine ranking of features. There is a spreadsheet of rainfall data by region and by day of the year.
Users only receive the customised ranking of features if they register with us - this way they will also receive special customised hotel deals. Otherwise a standard user will receive the standard rankings.

I'm keen to keep this low cost and as simple as possible at the moment as this is just a test case website. We want to use google maps.

What's the best database to consider for this type of project?
Thanks in advance.