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    Question Hello All and I Need advice

    Hello bforum!! Its your new friend 2sum° here. I am VERY VERY new to DBM and as I said I need advice.

    A little about myself- I graduated from college with an associates degree in civil engineering (believe it or not, and my user name would have reflected a much more cleaver engineering function if I could have found a way to slip it in there, hahaha). I digress, I got a great job (with little pay) doing something I absolutely fell in love with and want to keep on doing- Database Management!!!!

    For starters- I have an extremely high aptitude for sophisticated and advanced software, etc.; I first discovered this in college.

    Continuing on, I got a promotion about a month or so ago to "Database Manager". The long and short of the matter is I don't know what I'm doing !!! I can handle the tasks they give me so far- thank God!!! But to actually do my job I am going to need to do more than "wing it"

    What do you suggest? Educate myself FAST and in a HURRY is my thought, but where to begin??? I am open to furthering my education as well, but it would have to more than likely be an online education as there is not a database management concentrated degree path in any of the universities or J.C.'s where I live. I need help and I need it now. Should I just go for quick certifications and forgo the long 2-3 years of undergrad work? If so what certifications specifically? I admit YouTube is great but trying to learn this from unknown sources on there is a logistical nightmare. What to do?

    I truly am glad to be a new part of this community you have here. I'm just really needing direction.

    Help needed ASAP!!!!!!! Advice, suggestions, suggested schools proven to turn out excellent DBM's??, prayers, I'm not picky! Looking forward to your responses.

    Thanks and Hi again!


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    ****deleted duplicate comment****
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