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    Red face Unanswered: maintenance job schedule creation re dates

    Hi there. I'm extremely new to access and have a question that may have already been answered but after two weeks of sifting through info I'm just not sure what the best approach would be.
    I have the task of creating a db for maintenance on machinery that needs to be serviced at different intervals.
    My tables are as follows:
    Assets: assetid, asset description and group
    Ppm: pppmid, instruction and instruction details
    Frequency: start date, issue date ( which is print date of ppmsheet), frequency could be weekly, 3monthly, 6monthly or annual.
    Some of these items have already been serviced so there are existing "due dates".
    What I am finding difficult to understand is how to get to create a query so that it auto updates the due date for future jobs indefinitely without me having to add any criteria except that which is already existing.
    Should I do this by way of query or create table to calculate this?
    I realize this may be a waste of your time but I'd really appreciate any advice..

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    update tAssets Set tAssets.NextDueDate = dateadd("m", tAssets.Freq,tAssets.StartDAte)

    Assumes you set the asset.Freq from the Frequency table period.

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    and where would I put that ? like I said - fairly new to access.

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