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    Unanswered: How does dynamic SQL work in terms of building a query based on an external variable?

    Can someone explain how dynamic SQL works in terms of how an environment variable will tell it what query to build and execute at runtime? Or maybe even a variable from java. I have very little understanding
    of exactly how dynamic SQL works and its different use cases.

    How is dynamic SQL scalable compared to static SQL?

    Say for example I have a bunch of different queries stored in a table. Each query will be executed on a specific table, but it doesn't know which query to pick up and execute until runtime.

    Sorry if this question is poorly worded, if it is worthless then I will attempt to re-explain the best I can.

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    I am no Java expert. I do mostly M$ stuff, but I have dabbled. Java has a set of classes called JDBC and that stands for Java Database Connectivity. Those classes allow for variables to be passed and dynamic sql strings to concatenated and submitted to the database engine. How you read in your environment variable is going to be vendor and environment specific but it could done also in Java or anything you use for your application layer. Both are scalable when done and used correctly. You always want the right tool for the job or problem at hand.

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