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    Question Unanswered: Finding PSQL master password

    I have a client with a custom-written "accounting system" using PSQL 10. The developer is no longer in business, and all attempts to locate him or someone who might know him have been in vain.

    The application needs additional queries and I suspect the data has been corrupted (because some functions that used to work don't work now).

    I have tried to view the underlying database with a SQL tool I have used for years. But it won't let me connect to any tables in the database without a user name and password.

    Is there any inexpensive tool that will let me find the existing login credentials, so I don't damage the application's access to the database?

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    I'd create a new Pervasive server and restore the backups onto it.

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    By default, a PSQL database does not have a password. If a password was placed on the file(s), only the developer would know it.
    If you have access to the source you should be able to find the password.
    What errors are you seeing?
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