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    Wink Unanswered: BLOB inside the DB2

    Hi everyone,

    Before posting anything, I would like to let you all know that I had researched this forum before posting, but I could not find the proper answer for myself.

    So, i have installed the next:

    1. DB2 Express-C 10.5
    2. IBM Data Studio

    I am a huge beginner when it comes to the DB2 so I would appreciate any kind of help. What I need to do is next:

    1. Create a table inside the Data Studio with a proper column and data type to store the video files
    2. Inside that column I need to add a few video (i.e. mp4) files (located on the file system) which are between 50 and 100 MB
    3. Execute the SELECT command and see the exact time of the execution - what is the best way (software) to catch the exact amount of time needed for the execution of this query?
    4. Next step is to encrypt the BLOB files added in step 2. Is it OK to encrypt them on the file system or there is some kind of a SQL command for encrypting these within a query?
    5. The last step is to measure the execution time of the same query after the BLOB files were encrypted.

    To summarize, I should find the difference between execution of the encrypted and non-encrypted BLOB files inside the DB2 platform, which are located on the local file system.

    Would it be easier for me if I install a TOAD for DB2 (my friend recommended to me this software)?

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    Hello, I do not use DB2 Express, however, in Enterprise addition it is fairly easy to encrypt and password protect data, see the following link:
    Column-level encryption in IDS
    For testing your performance I would do the following:
    Create two tables, one with the video files unencrypted and the other unencrypted.
    Insert the same data into each table. Then run queries against each table capturing the before and after timestamp of each query and compare the two. Not the fanciest method of checking performance but it works.

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