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    Unanswered: invalid distribution format

    Hi All,

    I am new to setting up databases so any help would be much appreciated.
    We are currently running IBM Informix Dynamic Server Version 11.50.FC3
    and i can use the "info" option via typing "dbaccess" i get the following eror message :-

    "750: Invalid distribution format found for tabname"

    when i set the user up on this server i ran the dbschema commoand with all the usual "grant" options so i am unsure as to what this error means.

    Has anyone else had this issue and if so how was it resolved ?

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    This seems at first glance to be a problem of corruption of your table statistics.

    I would try the foolowing, under dbaccess yourdatabasename
    update statistics for table xxx drop distributions
    update statistics for table xxx ( or use the way your usual UPDATE STATS script updates the statistics for this table)

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