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    Unanswered: Access 2013 won't open database on NAS

    A very small business is storing an Access database on a Synology NAS where users are accessing it occasionally to update some records. Based on what I've read around the internet, since they're opening the database from within the network folder, this means they are accessing the back-end and front-end. Is that correct?

    I understand the merits of splitting the database and storing just the back-end, with users connecting to it with their various versions of Access. However, I'm really not sure how to "do" this as the users are accessing remotely via VPN. I'm pretty good with Excel and (Excel-specific) VBA (I know, it's all relative and you don't know what you don't know), but really green to databases.

    Regardless, even in the current BE/FE shared state, no one is having any difficulty logging in via VPN and opening and editing the database except one user with Access 2013. All other users (two) are able to connect to the VPN and open the self-contained database in the network folder. The Access 2013 user, however, is unable to open the database in this fashion and is forced to copy the database to their desktop, make their changes, and then upload the updated version to the folder. If this user attempts to open the database from the network folder, the Access application opens but just shows an empty gray background and becomes unresponsive. The same result occurs if they open Access first and then try to open the database from within Access' Open File dialogue.

    (Considering infrequent and minimal remote usage, they probably would have been better off with a standalone PC for storing the database and other "shared" files that users could remote into)

    I would greatly appreciate any recommendations. A few weeks ago I quickly found multiple threads about similar scenarios (at least I thought I did) but was too tied up with other issues to apply their suggestions. Also, as I found the results so quickly I didn't bother to save the links. Now I feel like I am taking crazy pills because I can't find any of those previous discussions via search engines (in addition to disabling their Discussions search, it feels like Google is now suppressing informational results in general).

    Thank you in advance for any guidance, and for tolerating my exasperation.

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    access over a WAN, especially if its not split is a recipie for disaster. Access over a WAN is bad news, but not using a split DB is just compounding the problems.

    as to your other issues, dunno. but I'll give it soem thought and come back at some stage
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    This type of database simply has to be split with the Back End (with all data) on the shared drive and a copy of the Front End on each user's PC.

    Having multiple users sharing a single Front End, on a network drive, is the sure way to repeated episodes of corruption, speed and timing problems, and all manner of strange, odd and curious behavior!

    Being in forced retirement, I spend 8-10 hours a day here and on other Access forums/newsgroups, and over the past eight years have seen literally dozens and dozens of reports of split databases, using links to a single Front End, causing these kinds of problems, as well as massive data loss!

    The really insidious thing is that this kind of setup can work for extended periods of time before the troubles begin! But once it does, they become chronic, which is to say they occur over and over and over again!

    As healdem said, running Access over a WAN/VPN is very problematic! Albert Kallal has an often quoted article on the subject of WANs that explains the whys of the problem as well as giving some advice on working around it:

    MS Access on a WAN?.

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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