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    statistics database design

    Hello all. I've been looking through this forum for a few days and finally decided to post. The design that I am working with is more of a hobby than a project, but find that the more I work with it, the more questions arise. Here's what I have:

    Sports Database

    Many Sports
    Sports can have many Leagues/Conferences
    Leagues/Conferences have many Divisions
    Divisons have many Teams
    Teams have many Players
    Players have Statistics
    Players can play many Sports (Bo Jackson with baseball & football)

    I suppose my question really centers around Identifying vs Non-Identifying Relationships.

    For example, let's take Major League Baseball.
    Houston was in the National League and then changed to the American League a few years ago.

    With Identifying Relationships my primary key for Houston would be:

    I'm just confused on how changing Houston's League would cause an issue in say...searching for total home runs the National League hit in the last ten years...would that include the home runs Houston hit while they were in the National League, since they switched to the American League two years ago?

    Thanks in advance for your input.


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    Try with database configuration and most probably search at the world wide web.
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