Hi Everyone -

After two years of development, we have a unique ODBC driver suite to present! Our product, emissary RT, is a collection of ODBC drivers that connects, in real-time, to Windows files and services, including DHCP, DNS, and the event log. No need for exports, programming code, or hassle - batch report and manipulate files and Windows servers directly from SQL!

With emissary RT: Files, file information, such as path, name, size, attributes, etc are represented as columns in a table. Additionally, for image and audio files, meta data such as resolution, bitrate, frequency, etc is populated as well. Now with a single SQL command, you can create thumbnails for images, delete files in a directory above a certain size and age, systematically rename and copy files by extension, etc. Or, use emissary RT to link file information directly into a Content Management System without extensive programming code!

With emissary RT: Servers, network admins now have a way of batch manipulating DHCP and DNS records via SQL. Filter the event log extensively, create a corresponding DNS A name record for all DHCP leases of a certain age, convert all DHCP leases into reservations for a specified VLAN, or delete all DNS CNAME records for a specified subdomain. Many tasks can be automated with a single SQL query that would take lines and lines of VB or powershell to accomplish before.

All this is in real-time, without exports. We sincerely hope this product has the potential to streamline some automation processes. Thanks for your time in reading this post - please visit our website for more information!

emissary RT Suite | Synthetic Dreams