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    Unanswered: Sql server with vb6

    I am using VB6.I am new to SQL Server. I have an application where more than 1 user can access the SQL Server database from their workstations.

    I have few Q's regarding this:

    I want detailed PC requirement as well as software requirement for implementing SQL Server 2008 database connectivity with VB6

    Which operating system is to be installed on workstation and which on server where database is to be stored?

    3.Where to install SQL Server 2008 Workstation or Server?


    Vikas Jain

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    Is VB6 all that you can use? VB6 is more than fifteen years old, and has had no support of any kind from Microsoft for over six years. See the Microsoft Lifecycle article for details.

    Because of the age of VB6, there is no supported configuration. You may be able to finagle a working configuration using ODBC on the client.

    SQL 2008 still has extended support, but products on extended lifecycle support are not recommended for new installations. I'd recommend using SQL 2014 instead.

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