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    Unanswered: Sql Server 2012 Express connection problems

    Through many trials and tribulations I've actually been able to get farther down the road and can at lease fire up SSMgmt Tools and look at ".sql" files so that is good. But whatever possessed MS to make authentication to a local practice DB with one user is beyond me...that is...well ...ridiculous...

    Do you know how to remedy this in the attachment without saying uninstall/reinstall ? The installs have been unpredictable at best and many students are having problems...I had 2012 express db , some "lite" version when I loaded VS 2013. ..then I realized I didnt have the SSMgmt tools and couldnt do anything...then I went out and loaded those Tools and got alot further, can open the files the instructor has for us... but I cannot connect to the instance...without getting what you I can look at everything which is much better than yesterday....but cant do any cool sql stuff...if you have any ideas that would be appreciated.

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    there are a number of reason this could be occuring - run through this error 26 troubleshooting checklist - and post back your results - SQL Server Error 26 troubleshooting checklist - SQL Server DBA

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