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    Unanswered: Copying last 6 symbols from one cell and puting into another (repeat for all rows)

    Hello. I am new to the forum and to data bases in general. Recently at work we had a certain disagreement between guys who were in charge of database and the owner of the place. Sadly I am next in the chain of people that have anything to do with IT and now I have to clean up messed database in excel that they left. Unfortunatelly on everyday basics I'm just the girl that do graphic and simple programming. Excel is a program that I used in high school and sometimes to design simple dynamic tables that I needed for everyday life. That's why I've decided to ask here for help.

    What I need to do is separate last six symbols from the product name column, example:


    and put it to the cell next to it, and repeat it for all rows. I've seen codes that remove last characters, but how to cut them or copy to another cell? I'll be very thankful for help, especially that I have to do it for tomorrow. I have around 10 000 positions to deal with.

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    Have a look at the right function
    lets say your data is in column b, rows 10 to 10009, and column a is where you want the data to be
    in a10 set the equation to be
    = right(B10, 6)
    Then copy that to the remaining celles in column A

    or write a function in vba that does it orogramatically

    or better yet suggest to your employers that a spreadsheet is a lousy tool to STORE data in. Soreadsheets are a ckever and powerfull tool but they are not a senisble choice to store data.
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