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    Unanswered: weight calculation

    iam stuck with an calculation issue

    I have a materialstable which contains material name , density

    I have another table materilalform which contains shape

    I have another table materialweight which contains the following

    material name....lookup from materialstable....value is....steel
    material shape...lookup from materialform.......value is...square
    material size....value I enter is 10x10x10
    how do I compute the weight of the material and fill an unbound box in a form
    I am aware of the technical side of it... that is length x breadth x thickness x density will give me the weight

    but my issue is
    how do I make the vb know that the value entered in the table 10x10x10 (10 ex 10 ex 10) is length breadth and thickness values.

    my design doesn't allow me to allot separate columns for L,B,T in the table

    any help is greatly appreciated

    thanks in advance
    Hemanth RK

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    Without knowing your design it's kind of hard to say.
    Strictly speaking it's the volume x density gives the mass, unless the height, weight and depth are consistent. H x W x D works if the object is a flat faced solid 6 sided box. It doesn't work if the object has voids, irregular surfaces or cut outs or is spherical. Again as we don't know what you are trying to model we can't say.

    The smart aleck reply is if your model doesn't support that sort of data and it should then your data model is flawed.
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    thanks healdem
    I have rebuilt the data model and working on it
    thanks again

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