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    Unanswered: Privileges for Server creation


    I am very new to DB2 DBA things. I started learning now. I came across a scenario where , to create a DB2 user (userID) on my server & that userID should have privileges to create Wrappers & servers to interact with other databases also.

    I have created a USER on my windows machine, with out doing any thing, i can find the same user on my DB2 server. Now i need to add previleges to this newly created user.r
    What are all the privileges required for a user to create a Wrappers & servers on the db2 server?

    can I give directly these previliges using GRANT command from my ROOT user?

    Please let me know.

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    Check out the Reference Manual for CREATE WRAPPER. It will tell you what privileges are needed to use that command.

    If you are on Linux/UNIX, the DB2 instance owner id can usually grant what is needed. Even though root is needed to create a user in the OS (and to create a DB2 instance), root has no privileges inside DB2 (unless granted by instance owner, which is not a good idea).
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