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    Unanswered: Flexibiltiy of Informix 4GL

    Hi there. I am new to Informix and as far as I surfed I don't see anywhere that Informix 4gl language can interact with non-informix databases. Is that so ? If I want to replace my Informix database with any other database (I have MongoDB in my mind) should the 4GL language be replaced too ? Help me out. Thanks in Advance.

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    IBM Informix 4GL can only work with Informix. You may find 3rd party products that are compatible with 4GL language and that work with other databases.

    Nevertheless, usually 4GL is used for business applications. Highly transactional applications that require the "usual" SQL features, like isolation, concurrency, transactions etc. MongoDB was not designed for that and is used by it's own APIs.
    And by the way, Informix in it's latests versions accepts connections from MongoDB API clients and can work with "collections" etc. It accepts most of the API methods with the added advantage that you can mix "collections" and traditional tables, take advantage of transactions etc.


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    If you have MongoDB, just use Informix because Informix talks with MongoDB applications ( version 12.10 > xC3 is compatible with the MongoDB API), meaning that (as domusonline said)
    1) on one side, you can replace the MongoDB database by Informix and continue using your MongoDB application
    2) on the other side, you have JSON and BSON as a NATIVE data type in Informix, meaning that you can take advantage of the vast majority of the MongoDB syntax (up to 3.0 as of today), and still benefit from features that always worked as a bullet with Informix, that MongoDB does not have.

    It would be a stupid decision to replace Informix by MongoDB for the reasons you are naming, because with Informix you have the advantages of MongoDB and the advantages of Informix.

    If you want more flexibility with the Informix 4GL language, pay a visit to

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