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    Unanswered: Informix Backup Restoration Doubts

    Hi All,

    I am totally new to Informix. I am a SQL DBA and am currently trying to install and restore a backup in informix server.

    I have few doubts. I am hoping that some informix admin would be able to guide me.

    1. Will Innovator-C edition(free version) allow me to restore a backup of size 150GB?


    The backup was taken by some other informix admin using the version 11.50 which was present in a AIX-UNIX server.

    DBEXPORT was used to backup the database/dataspace?? (I am still clueless how that works )

    I am a windows guy since i had been a SQL DBA for almost 5 years.

    I downloaded the Innovator-C edition 12.10 Version and have installed in windows.

    Used Aqua Studio trial to test the informix server and also created a sample database.

    My question is--- Can i restore that backup taken using UNIX in a windows box and in a higher version???

    Your response would greatly help me

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    Help Needed

    Can any informix admin help me with my query.
    It would be great if you could spare some time to answer my query. THanks

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    Hi Balaji,

    To your question 1), the answer is NO. Innovator-C is limited to a diskspace of 10 Gb

    2) To restore a backup taken by ontape on onbar on AIX 11.50, you will need to restore it TO AIX 11.50 exactly same release.

    If dbexport has been used, you have ascii flat files than can be used to restored to any version of Informix, any OS, by used the dbimport utility, as long as the files has the same character set.

    So yes you can import a database exported with dbexport on the source system, by using dbimport on the target system, any OS and any informix version upwards.

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