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    Unanswered: data sheet

    I have a sub form in datasheet view
    I have a calculated field called WEIGHT
    the calculation is done with vba

    the issue is
    if the first row shows a value of 100
    then the second row also shows 100 which is to be 50

    if I click on the second row then
    both the first and the second row shows 50

    same when I click the first row, both the rows shows 100

    the calculation part is ok

    the individual field is not retaining the value independently

    I have attached the picture

    any help will help me take a break for a cup of coffee
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    GOT IT
    the field was unbound
    created a field in the table

    now works like jaaz

    thanks again

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    As a rule, Calculated Values should not be stored in a Table, they should simply be re-calculated, as needed, in other Forms or Reports. They way to have the value Record-appropriate is to do the calculation in the Control Source of the Textbox. The syntax for that would be similar to this:

    =[Control1] * [Control2]

    Note that the Square Brackets are required when using the Control Names in the Control Source, like this.

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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