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    Unanswered: Empty Navigation Pane?

    I am using Microsoft Access 2010 to link to some tables in SQL Server. There are two linked tables (that are in SQL Server), several local tables, and a dozen or so queries.

    Yesterday at some point, my navigation pane became blank. There are no objects listed there. I suspect the objects are still in the Access database, because I can author a new query and it can access both the linked and local tables. The database documenter tool works (it provides all the right details for my tables and columns), and the database still has a large file size (~1.8 GB).

    I opened up the drop-down in the navigation pane and made sure it was set to "Filter by Group: All Object Categories" so that nothing is being filtered out.

    Are there other reasons this might happen?

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    Things start getting hinky as an Access file starts approaching its size limit, and yours is just below the 2 GB limit. I wonder why it is so large, given your description.

    First thing I'd try would be to move everything into a new, blank file.

    Second thing I'd try (on a copy of your the original somewhere safe) would be to do a Decompile/Recompile of the file:

    Decompile and Compact Your Microsoft Access Database to Improve Performance and Fix Corruption

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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