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    Unanswered: Kernel values for DB2

    We have a 64 bit zlinux server with DB2 10.5 ESE server installed with 32 GB RAM installed.

    I need to update the kernel values for DB2 and can't figure out the details. This is what I come up with while reading the resources. Please can someone validate if they are correct.

    I am using this link as reference
    Kernel parameter requirements ( Linux ) - IBM DB2 9.7 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

    Also allocating 90% of the server 29 GB for the shared memory

    #kernel.sem=250 256000 32 7424 ( This is <SEMMSL> <SEMMNS><SEMOPM> <SEMMNI> )

    Looks Good ??

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    Cross-check against the V10.5 docs (not the V9.7) if your zLinux db2 is V10.5

    IBM Knowledge Center

    Current versions of db2 servers (incl v10.5) are supposed to automatically adjust kernel parameters, don't see why zLinux would differ, although I don't use zLinux much.

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    The instructions are same for 10.5
    IBM Knowledge Center

    and I am getting low shared memory errors that is why I want to fix this in the kernel settings. It says in the guide.

    "When instances are started, if an interprocess communication (IPC) kernel parameter is below the enforced minimum value, the database manager updates it to enforced minimum value. The IPC kernel parameter values changed when a DB2 instance is started do not persist when the system is rebooted. After a reboot, kernel settings might be lower than the enforced values until a DB2 instance is started. By adjusting any kernel parameter settings, the database manger prevents unnecessary resource errors.

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