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    Unanswered: If statement help

    I need help writing the following as an if statement

    If textbox1 = textbox2
    Then Textbox3 can = 1 or above

    else if textbox1 does not = textbox2
    Then Textbox3 cannot = 1 or above

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    If textbox1 = textbox2
    means if the control textbox1 = textbox2 NOT the actual text or value
    If textbox1.text <> textbox2.text and textbox3.value >=1 then
    msgbox ("textbox 3 is:" & textbox3.value & " but textbox1 & textbox2 are not equal",vbexclamation,"Oh Shaggy")
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    The syntax

    If textbox1.text <> textbox2.text

    is not going to work and will, I believe, pop and error; the Text Property of a Control is only available when that Control has Focus, and obviously two Controls cannot have Focus at the same time.

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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    I would use textbox1.Value and textbox2.Value. Be also aware that if one of the values being compared to is Null, any comparison operator will not yield the result you"re probably expecting but Null instead (see here under). Either test for Null first or Use the Nz() function to convert a possible Null to some value that can enter in a comparison operation. Keep in mind that If A = B Then... actually means If (A = B) = True Then..., which can never be the case when Null is present in the comparison.

    Dim A As Variant
    Dim B As Variant
    ' Compare Null with some value.
    A = 5
    B = Null
    Debug.Print A = B ' --> Yields Null
    Debug.Print A <> B ' --> Yields Null
    ' Compare Null with Null.
    A = Null
    B = Null
    Debug.Print A = B ' --> Yields Null
    Debug.Print A <> B ' --> Yields Null
    Have a nice day!

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