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    Unanswered: Newbie question about constraint

    I understand about constraints in general, but what I don't understand is using CONSTRAINT as a keyword. Please consider the following code:

    CREATE TABLE publishers
        pub_id CHAR(3)  NOT NULL,
        pub_name VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL,
        city CHAR(15)  NOT NULL,
        state VARCHAR(2) NOT NULL,
        country VARCHAR (15) NOT NULL,
        CONSTRAINT publishers_pk
            PRIMARY KEY (pub_id)
    My confusion is CONSTRAINT publishers_pk. What does that mean?

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    The CONSTRAINT clause names the constraint. This allows you to manage the constraint later.

    Depending on which MySQL version and which storage engine (myISAM, Inno-DB, etc.) you choose, MySQL may or may not honor constraints. If MySQL can't honor the constraint it will process the syntax without raising an error, but constraint violations will not be caught/prevented by the storage engine.

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