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    Unanswered: Problem with table relationships - Foreign Key and Primary


    My application is a series of checklists, represented each by a table. They all have a common "Job ID" which is entered by the user in the first form/table. This "Job ID" is a common value with all other tables.

    What I want, is that the user doesn't have to enter the "Job ID" every in every form. I just want him to enter it once in the first menu, and then it's copied automatically to all the other tables (creating a new record in each table)

    Is that possible? or I'm thinking wrong?

    Thanks for your help and time.


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    so create a 'master table', lets be creative and call it jobs, store everything that is pertinent to the job in that table, eg the date, the person, the whatever (phase of the moon )

    then make all your individual checklist tables 'child' tables to Jobs, using the primary key of Jobs as the primary key of each table using a one to one join

    when it comes to laying out your form:
    the jobs table acts as a master forj, and how you implement the checklist tables is up to you.. personally I'd probably use a tabbed layout but anything is possible

    but you will need to design each child form first, then embedd those child forms into your parent form making certain the primary keys are correctly identified.

    but before you do make certain you actaully need as many sub tables reresenting checklists

    this design works if you have multiple checklist for the same job,
    or one checklist per job (ie suer selects a specific checklist)
    but it wont handle multiple checklists of the same type for the same job (without further refinement)
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