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    Unanswered: Installing RHEL7 ISO


    As per the suggestions made earlier in this forum regarding VM download, I downloaded virtualbox 4.3.12 and since I got a RHEL7 ISO image from my friends I got it saved in one of the drives in my PC then tried to boot from it it goes well and at one point of time during installation I got following error:

    The following error occurred while installing. This is a fatal error and installation will be aborted.

    error populating transaction after 10 retries : failure: Pacakges/tar-1 26-29.e17 x86_64.rpm from anaconda [Error 256] No more mirrors to try. "

    Does anyone have an idea on this please.....

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    This is just a guess, but have you enabled network access with Virtual Box for the virtual machine where you are trying to install Red-Hat?

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    Yes Sir,
    I downloaded the virtual box and without making any changes installed it so network connectivity should have been enabled...

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