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    Unanswered: Create Any Table Rights


    Can you please confirm my understanding.

    Besides a DBA access right, there is only one way for allowing a user X to create tables in another users Y schema, which is CREATE ANY TABLE, that leads to the user X being able to create tables in any of the schemas of any users in the same db as X, right?

    Is there a way way to restrict a user to be able to create tables only in schema Y but not in schema Z (provided that schema Z is in the same db as X and Y).

    Many thanks

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    IMHO, these are very basic level questions. I would suggest you to read about user roles and privileges in documentation. Try yourself and if you face issues, come up with a test case. That's how you would learn practically.

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    Hi Lalit,

    On the one hand I understand your answer, but on the other hand, I did read the manual and I came up with a precise question, even though as you say it's basic level.

    We are talking about security, access rights, and I needed a confirmation from your side that it cannot be done any other way (I do not see how I could try it out since my assumption is that it can be done only one way).

    I understand that it's more attractive to deal with complex interesting issues, but we all have to start somewhere and we all need some guidance.

    Even if I would spend 5 more months working on it, I still may not know whether there is another way of doing the same thing...

    Anyway we are discussing on procedural aspects rather than the content... that I would rather prefer.

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    Today the vast majority of the applications are 3-tier like below:
    EndUser<=>browser<=>WebServer<=>ApplicationServer< =>DatabaseServer

    With that being said, folks are NOT logging into Oracle DB with Oracle USERNAME.
    Object creation is done via static SQL when new application version is deployed by IT staff

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