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    Unanswered: Difference in sqlplus command due to sqlplus client on linux machines

    Hi All,

    I am in need for immediate suggestions on this issue,

    About issue- Two Linux machine connecting to remote database (11g) installed on some other Linux server. In this setup one of the machine is having sqlplus client 10.0.2 version and other one is having sqlplus client 11.0.0.

    Does this version difference create the execution of the following command different in both the machine

    command - sqlplus username/password@hostnameort/servicename @sqlfilename

    The Linux with sqlplus client with 11 version will get connected and sql file executed with the above command, but the Linux with sqlplus client 10 version will give error as "ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified"

    Can the version be the issue in this scenario ? hoping for some help ...


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    ORA-12154 ALWAYS only occurs on SQL Client & no SQL*Net packets ever leave client system
    ORA-12154 NEVER involves the listener, the database itself or anything on the DB Server.
    ORA-12154 occurs when client requests a connection to some DB server system using some connection string.
    TNS-03505 is thrown by tnsping & is same error as ORA-12154 thrown by sqlplus or others.
    The lookup operation fails because the name provided can NOT be resolved to any remote DB.
    The analogous operation would be when you wanted to call somebody, but could not find their name in any phonebook.
    The most frequent cause for the ORA-12154 error is when the connection alias can not be found in tnsnames.ora.
    The lookup operation of the alias can be impacted by the contents of the sqlnet.ora file; specifically DOMAIN entry.
    TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE: ORA-12154 & TNS-12154 TNS:could not resolve service name [ID 114085.1]
    ora-12154/tns-03505 | Ed Stevens, DBA
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