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So I decided to install DB2 10.5 on a windows server myself and ran into some issues in which I hope someone can help me troubleshoot.

So I tried to install DB2 10.5 on a Windows Server 2008.


I used the DB2 10.5 Setup Launchpad for the install


Now what I did was install the DB2 Version 10.5 Fix Pack 1 Workgroup, Enterprise and Advanced Editions


I followed all the steps pointed out during the launchpad setup.

Now when I click on "DB2 First Steps" option


The DB2 steps windows appear with the following error.

First Steps was unable to connect to the online DB2 Information Center. However, a remote instance of the DB2 Information Center was found:
IBM Knowledge Center
The information found in these linked pages might not be the most up-to-date or might not apply to this version of the product. Use the online DB2 Information Center for the most recent versions of the documentation.


Now I already tried the following IBM fix in which I try to rename the db2fs.exe ,

IBM DB2 First Steps screen pops up with an error when logging into a DB2 server on Windows - United States

But that does not work. Also, the "Create Sample database" option does not work.

Lastly, with the DB2 command line processor I have already been able to create a instance and sample database. Now i'm not sure why I am getting this error with the first steps GUI. Has anyone ran into this and how do I fix it?