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    Unanswered: DB2 express installation on remote linux machine through putty

    HI all,
    I am trying to install db2 express edition on linux box by accessing it through putty.
    I have /tmp folder mounted with size of 250 MB only. when I execute it with db2_install shell script. got an error mentioned below,

    Disk space needed = 2000000 KB Available = 230216 KB

    DBI1080E Disk full. Minimum space required in /tmp is 2000000
    KB, whereas only 230216 KB space is available.
    then I changed tmp dir location from below command,
    export DB2TMPDIR=/db2home/db2inst1/tmp
    (found this from Error on Installation of DB2 /tmp/)

    after this got error like below,
    DBI20081E The installer detected that there is not enough free disk space in
    "/tmp". Free space detected in "/tmp" is: "230211" (measured in kilobytes).
    Space needed is: "2000000" (measured in kilobytes).

    I have doubt that it is hardcoded in installer,

    Please let me know is there any way I cam do this without increasing /tmp folder size?

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    In linux, everybody and their grandmother writes to /tmp. 250MB for it is not enough for anything, not just DB2. I strongly suggest that you increase it.


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