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    Wink Unanswered: How to assign a constant value for the first few record in a field?

    As mentioned in the title, I'd like to assign a constant value for the first few record in a field.
    what was required by my assignment is mileage rate for every customer will become 0.9 when they have more than 4 records.
    In my attachment below, ticketNo represent customer ID, and bookingID represent their transaction record indexes.
    *BookingID 6 is the first record in my project
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    set an appropriate default for new rows
    when a row is added for a ticket no run an update query for that ticket no

    update mytable set [mileage rate] = 0.9 where count([ticket no] = avalue
    change mytable for whatever the right name should be
    a value should be the the ticket number of the row you have just changed

    I'm suspicious of your table design.. its doesn't seem right to me. I would expect the mileage rate to be fixed/associated with a specific person/vehicle NOT with a specific journey. it doesn't sound as if your table design is normalised

    do your self a favour get rid of the spaces between column and table names its not compliant with the ANSI standard SQL.

    if you want human legible titles set the appropriate property in the columns definisiton in table design
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