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    Unanswered: Query data between databases

    I am attempting to create my own queries and reports in Access 2010 that pull from live SQL data. I am a fairly advanced Access user and novice SQL db user. I'm at a loss for figuring out how to present a front end to the user where they can open live queries/reports that are in read-only. The front in needs to be on the network (not an individual PC) for this to work. Can I create a read-only SQL db that links to the live data and then run Access as the front end for the read-only SQL db? Can I link one network Access query to another network Access query? What do I do?


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    Access front end shpuld ideally be deployed to each users desktop
    im assuming you mean SQL Server..... whenyou refer to SQL
    If so use pass through queries and those queries read only

    and or set the forms properties as non editable non updateable.
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